About TMI

Who we are:

TMI AutoTech, Inc. is an established, owner-managed and operated Virginia corporation, located within the industrial business complex at Virginia International Raceway. With a focus on manufacturing, and a passion for motorsports, TMI is well equipped as both a specialty motorsport component manufacturer and vehicle complete manufacturer.
In addition to manufacturing TMI also operates driving events at Virginia International Raceway that provide the opportunity for individuals to get on-track behind the wheel of race-prepped Ariel Atoms.

Founded in 2008 by David Goadby, Brent Gates, and Mark Swain to build the Ariel Atom supercar the company has continued to expand with a mandate to build quality products while providing gainful employment to current staff. TMI's 20,000 Sq.ft facility houses fabrication, machining, service, and assembly areas.

What we are doing currently:

On a daily basis within TMI AutoTech you will see everything from the running of world class driving events to the engineering of new fabrication projects.


Ariel Atom manufacturing and sales

  • Manufacture this unique supercar from the ground up
  • Provide sales of this vehicle directly from the factory as well as select group of dealers

Driving Experience Events using the Ariel Atom

  • Sales, promotion and execution of these unique events that allow individuals, or groups, the chance to get behind the wheel of a legendary supercar on a real race track

Component manufacturing

  • Provide in-house engineering services to allow clients the ability to take an idea and make it into a usable drawing
  • Complete manufacture of various motorsport related components
    • Tube fabrication
    • Turning
    • Milling
    • Assembly

Driven on a daily basis by passionate, focused, and talented employees allows TMI to continue expanding and utilizing its core capabilities.

The future is what we make of it – and we want to build it! If you have engineering, manufacturing, or machining needs please feel free to contact us today to discuss.