Dave Goadby

President & CEO

Dave brings a wealth of experience to TMI through a 40 year career as a Co-Managing partner for a global OE automotive design, development, and manufacturing company. In addition to this Dave has been a lifelong motorsports enthusiast with team ownership at a variety of professional motorsports levels. The combination of these 2 worlds make for a great foundation to guide TMI AutoTech, Inc. into the future.

Brent Gates

V.P. Operations

Brent brings a background in professional motorsport as a driver, mechanic, and race engineer together with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering Technology to the role of Vice President of Operations. Brent's hands-on abilities combines with an excellent ability to plan make for well executed projects within TMI AutoTech, Inc.

Mark Swain

V.P. Sales and Marketing

Mark brings together a Business and Marketing background, with a long history in both amateur and professional motorsports as both a driver and marketing director, to the role of Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Thriving on new challenges and a fast paced work environment are key elements for Mark as he looks to grow all areas of TMI AutoTech, Inc.

Tony Ferens

V.P. Finance and Administration

Tony brings past experience as a controller at a high volume automotive parts manufacturer to TMI AutoTech, Inc. as the Vice President of Finance and Administration. Tony is a certified Management Accountant which allows him to handle daily and long term financial planning for TMI AutoTech, Inc.