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Each person will look at a situation differently which is what makes the world a great place; having a conversation with someone who agrees with you on 100% of your points quickly becomes dull.

With that said – "most" people when they are talking about sports cars instantly hone in on the same items such as power, performance, handling.....generally....how fast is this car going to go! All worthy conversation points that we have all shared a pint, or two, discussing.

The other night I was the last one at the office and took some time to walk through the shop and it became pretty apparent that even before we get to performance numbers there are details that make it all happen. I walked into the fabrication shop and there were numerous small parts being welded into a larger component – in this case it was an upright assembly – but it could have been anything – my point is that the care in the details of this starting point rarely comes up in "car talk". The combination of these details, and the care that each person puts into the fabrication allows us to have the, sometimes over embellished, conversations that are usually centered on overall performance. Next conversation you have with friends about cars toss in facts about the small details that matter and see where the conversation heads!

I will leave you this week with another unique look into automotive culture – check out this video from an Atom owner who talks about what it is like to own an Atom.....not strictly about how fast it is. (Although we are pretty sure he also likes to make it goes fast at the track!)

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20150117 193711Last week Chris Doss and I had the pleasure of attending the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona to show off the Ariel Atom 3 as well as the power plant from the new Atom 3S.  Even though we were surrounded by automotive legends including (but not at all limited to) classic Ferraris, original AC Cobras, antique Rolls Royce limousines, million dollar collectors’ cars, and racecars from every era of the sport, the Atom drew enormous crowds and recognition from enthusiasts, drivers, and celebrities alike. 

It was an amazing experience speaking to people about the Atom, regardless of the reason for their interest; most came for the looks but stayed for the blistering performance.  As always, the Top Gear test of the Atom was a huge hit – watching Jeremy Clarkson’s face melt under the force of the Atom’s acceleration never gets old – drawing huge numbers of auto enthusiasts to the booth.  The Atom 3S engine was as big a draw as the car itself, eliciting shocked reactions from the vast majority of people that saw its performance capabilities.  At first many people seemed disappointed that there is not a V8 or higher displacement engine option until they saw the performance figures, which caused many a jaw to hit the floor. 

20150117 133516We had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life, but by far my favorite memory involved a young kid, all of seven years old, who grabbed his dad by the hand, led him to the side of the Atom, and proceeded to regale him with accurate, detailed information about the Atom with no prompting from any of us manning the booth.  The enthusiasm, knowledge, and gumption of this kid were especially exciting to watch, but he was by no means the only youngster to do just that.  Thanks to video games such as Forza 5 and Need for Speed, a new generation of Atom enthusiasts has emerged, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the fold.

Events like Barrett-Jackson serve to remind us here at TMI AutoTech just how truly special the Ariel Atom really is, and how well received it is by people from all walks of life.  It is our responsibility to continue to spread the joy and wonder of this amazing vehicle, but we cannot do it without the support of our loyal owners, fans, and 20150118 150856followers.  Take a moment to tell your friends and family about the Atom – as it becomes more of a household name more people will order their own, leading to more of us having the pleasure of seeing one in person, as opposed to it being relegated to the glossy pages of magazines and internet publications.  If we all spread the word about the Atom, we all reap the benefits.



I am happy to talk to you about anything Atom, give me a call anytime at (434)822-9130. 



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Barrett-Jackson – Now there is a name everyone that is a car enthusiast knows.

Personally I’ve watched countless auctions on television and have always been mesmerized at the beauty of some of the cars that roll across the auction block. I think part of the what always compelled me to watch the auctions was that no matter what type of cars you are into, there is something for every genre at Barrett-Jackson. You can see sports cars, classics, luxury vehicles, concepts, one of kinds, custom builds, and oddities all in one spot. It is the showcase of all things automotive and brings in some of the most immaculate vehicles in the world. The next auction takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona January 10-18, 2015 and I can say that we are excited to be a part of it!

TMI AutoTech will have a booth set up in conjunction with Forman Motorworks showcasing the Ariel Atom. The display is being set up as I type this and I will be heading out Wednesday along with David, our vehicle sales representative. There will be an Atom 3 on display as well as an exhibition for showing off the engine and turbo set up for the New 365bhp Atom 3S. INDE Motorsports Ranch will also have a SPEC:RACEATOM set up in their section in the outdoor area. It should be an exciting event with a lot of people in attendance and I look forward to introducing many people to the Atom. So if you’re heading to Scottsdale next week, come by booth 26 and check us out!

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2015 will be an exciting year at TMI AutoTech! Now I can’t give away all the exciting details but as we move into our 8th year we are poised for some exciting new opportunities.

As many of you reading this likely know…The Ariel Atom keeps us busy as we manufacture the car in-house from the ground up. This past year we invested in new CNC machining equipment in addition to many new skilled staff members to bring the cars to life. 2015 will see the first Atom 3S owners take delivery of the insanely quick turbo powered Atoms. Can’t wait for this!

New projects other than the Atom also await us in the New Year…from various components that we engineer for others and manufacture to a new project that we are excited to announce in the near future.

In preparation for the coming year this week (besides being ChristmasJ) is always busy as we clean and organize for the future. The warehouse is being re-arranged as I type, the machines are getting cleaned and new cutting fluid added, and our marketing team is busy planning the events calendar.

Look to see TMI AutoTech out at more events in the coming year…and also with exciting news along the way.

Oh – and last but not least in preparation for 2015 we have to finish out 2014 by counting inventory. Ugh…..back to the grind…where was I at…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,…

Hope you had a great Christmas – and have a Happy New Year.

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Every year I am not sure why I am amazed at how time has flown by…….but it always surprises me how quickly the year slips away. Thinking about this I started to reflect on what accomplishments happened this year…..and I came up with an informal list of cool things that occurred at TMI AutoTech in 2014.

  •           Built the 68th Spec Race Atom car
  •           Sold chassis AA30227 for Atom 3s (and counting……)
  •           Completed the 4th full season of the VIR Cup Spec Race Atom race season Presented by Honda Racing/HPD
  •           We were invited to compete at exhibition races with the SCCA at both the Summer Speedfest and the American Road Race of Champions
  •           Released the Turbo Charged 365hp Atom 3S to the world in October - (I had the pleasure of test driving it at the drag strip and around VIR) J
  •           Expanded internal capabilities with the addition of numerous new staff members; we are up over 20 people now!
  •           Expanded our internal machining capabilities with a new 4-axis CNC mill
  •           Launched TMI Motorsport Service division to look after Atoms as well as a wide variety of track and exotic cars

I know there is more….but those items stand out as the most memorable……but what also sticks in my head as memorable is the number of hours everyone at TMI AutoTech worked to get things moving; from future planning to daily jobs our staff worked hard. Thank you.

2015 has many new and exciting projects in the works, in addition to a continued effort to keep the Ariel Atom at the top of the heap. Stay tuned…….ATOM3s clipped black whitelogocd