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Mark Swain

Mark Swain

Mark Swain is Co-Owner and Vice President of Sales and Marketing TMI AutoTech Inc. He was named to SEMA's "Top 35 under 35" rising stars in automotive industry in 2013. With his dad being very active in Canadian amateur motorsports, Mark grew up in garages and around the racetrack, car events and shows.

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Driving into the office today I realized something....actually I realized this a long time ago.....that running a business that involves something that you really have passion for takes all your waking thoughts: this is a good thing because you stop thinking about the days of the week....and you think about the projects in the shop and planning ahead for new projects. Some may disagree.....but days off are non-existent because your mind is always thinking about what is next. The adrenaline from this is intoxicating.

With the above said.....Friday is always a time of the week that should be treasured by racers, track day, and car enthusiasts alike. Here are some of my Friday highlights I like to think about:

  • Loading the trailer to head off to the track! The excitement of rushing home and loading the car, packing your driving gear, and tools. Any weekend at the track is always good!
  • Cleaning the car the night before a "Cars and Coffee" event early on Saturday morning. Nothing beats starting up your toy in the garage and slowly rolling out of your driveway long before the neighborhood wakes up.

  • The sight of boxes left by the courier that include brand new performance parts that you are going to spend all weekend installing. Nothing beats having packing peanuts flying everywhere as you reach for those shiny new parts.

We are very excited that many new clients will have the chance to tackle some weekend adventures this year with their new Ariel Atoms. Call us at any time if you want to talk through what an Atom could be like in your garage.

Have a great weekend.

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No one ever said starting a company to manufacture an awesome sportscar would be easy.....but looking back on the week we just had there was an item out of our control that caused some planning issues – Weather!

High winds last Saturday resulted in a power outage to our shop that lasted until mid-day on Monday! Certainly not what we had planned in our production schedule for the week...but we got through it with a great group of employees working hard to ensure our goals were still met


The next challenge was that Monday evening saw a small amount of snow fall.....which quickly turned to ice on the roads.

Secondary roads where many employees live....as well as many roads leading to our shop are not the first to see any form of snow removal. This makes for many slippery roads! Once again.....not how we had assumed many employees would be spending their Tuesday. But – we pushed through with a lighter staff load....and came back to full speed on Wednesday.

With the weather behind us now – except for some fairly cold temperatures – we are rolling along making some really nice Atoms.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend and happen to be in the Charlotte area check out the MSX – North American Motorsport Expo at the Charlotte convention center. We were pleased to be asked to display the championship winning Spec Race Atom car of Craig Reynolds at the event. Check out more information on the show here www.msxexpo.com

Please follow the action from TMI AutoTech through pictures on our Instagram feed.....A picture says a thousand words. Follow us @TMI_AutoTech or if you like videos please follow our YouTube channel at TMI AutoTech Inc.


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The Atom 3.5R is the latest European variant of the popular Ariel Atom platform….and a very capable one at that. It was great to see a recent report by EVO magazine including this model in their Car of the Year awards. It makes me happy to watch the video footage of this car ripping it up around the track.

For those of you from North America reading this you have some good news ahead as TMI AutoTech moves closer to the delivery of the Atom 3S; this is a 365hp turbo charged variant on the Atom 3. Our testing of the prototype last fall showed the extreme performance potential of this vehicle. Orders for the Atom 3S began last October and we very much look forward to seeing the first production Atom 3S vehicles head out the door to clients.

If you missed the initial announcement of the Atom 3S you can find it here. And if you want to revisit a quick lap around VIR you can check out this Atom 3S lap here. We can’t wait to get more video, with better soundJ, very soon…..but that will not happen today at it is 28 degrees here in Virginia! Warmer days are ahead!

I will close this week by thanking Automotive International, as well as the Charlotte Area Ferrari Enthusiasts club, for their hospitality last Saturday evening to showcase the Atom. We look forward to attending more Charlotte area events in the future!

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Each person will look at a situation differently which is what makes the world a great place; having a conversation with someone who agrees with you on 100% of your points quickly becomes dull.

With that said – "most" people when they are talking about sports cars instantly hone in on the same items such as power, performance, handling.....generally....how fast is this car going to go! All worthy conversation points that we have all shared a pint, or two, discussing.

The other night I was the last one at the office and took some time to walk through the shop and it became pretty apparent that even before we get to performance numbers there are details that make it all happen. I walked into the fabrication shop and there were numerous small parts being welded into a larger component – in this case it was an upright assembly – but it could have been anything – my point is that the care in the details of this starting point rarely comes up in "car talk". The combination of these details, and the care that each person puts into the fabrication allows us to have the, sometimes over embellished, conversations that are usually centered on overall performance. Next conversation you have with friends about cars toss in facts about the small details that matter and see where the conversation heads!

I will leave you this week with another unique look into automotive culture – check out this video from an Atom owner who talks about what it is like to own an Atom.....not strictly about how fast it is. (Although we are pretty sure he also likes to make it goes fast at the track!)

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2015 will be an exciting year at TMI AutoTech! Now I can’t give away all the exciting details but as we move into our 8th year we are poised for some exciting new opportunities.

As many of you reading this likely know…The Ariel Atom keeps us busy as we manufacture the car in-house from the ground up. This past year we invested in new CNC machining equipment in addition to many new skilled staff members to bring the cars to life. 2015 will see the first Atom 3S owners take delivery of the insanely quick turbo powered Atoms. Can’t wait for this!

New projects other than the Atom also await us in the New Year…from various components that we engineer for others and manufacture to a new project that we are excited to announce in the near future.

In preparation for the coming year this week (besides being ChristmasJ) is always busy as we clean and organize for the future. The warehouse is being re-arranged as I type, the machines are getting cleaned and new cutting fluid added, and our marketing team is busy planning the events calendar.

Look to see TMI AutoTech out at more events in the coming year…and also with exciting news along the way.

Oh – and last but not least in preparation for 2015 we have to finish out 2014 by counting inventory. Ugh…..back to the grind…where was I at…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,…

Hope you had a great Christmas – and have a Happy New Year.