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20150117 193711Last week Chris Doss and I had the pleasure of attending the Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona to show off the Ariel Atom 3 as well as the power plant from the new Atom 3S.  Even though we were surrounded by automotive legends including (but not at all limited to) classic Ferraris, original AC Cobras, antique Rolls Royce limousines, million dollar collectors’ cars, and racecars from every era of the sport, the Atom drew enormous crowds and recognition from enthusiasts, drivers, and celebrities alike. 

It was an amazing experience speaking to people about the Atom, regardless of the reason for their interest; most came for the looks but stayed for the blistering performance.  As always, the Top Gear test of the Atom was a huge hit – watching Jeremy Clarkson’s face melt under the force of the Atom’s acceleration never gets old – drawing huge numbers of auto enthusiasts to the booth.  The Atom 3S engine was as big a draw as the car itself, eliciting shocked reactions from the vast majority of people that saw its performance capabilities.  At first many people seemed disappointed that there is not a V8 or higher displacement engine option until they saw the performance figures, which caused many a jaw to hit the floor. 

20150117 133516We had the opportunity to meet all kinds of people from all walks of life, but by far my favorite memory involved a young kid, all of seven years old, who grabbed his dad by the hand, led him to the side of the Atom, and proceeded to regale him with accurate, detailed information about the Atom with no prompting from any of us manning the booth.  The enthusiasm, knowledge, and gumption of this kid were especially exciting to watch, but he was by no means the only youngster to do just that.  Thanks to video games such as Forza 5 and Need for Speed, a new generation of Atom enthusiasts has emerged, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome them to the fold.

Events like Barrett-Jackson serve to remind us here at TMI AutoTech just how truly special the Ariel Atom really is, and how well received it is by people from all walks of life.  It is our responsibility to continue to spread the joy and wonder of this amazing vehicle, but we cannot do it without the support of our loyal owners, fans, and 20150118 150856followers.  Take a moment to tell your friends and family about the Atom – as it becomes more of a household name more people will order their own, leading to more of us having the pleasure of seeing one in person, as opposed to it being relegated to the glossy pages of magazines and internet publications.  If we all spread the word about the Atom, we all reap the benefits.



I am happy to talk to you about anything Atom, give me a call anytime at (434)822-9130. 



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Working within motorsports....particularly manufacturing the Ariel Atom on a daily basis allows us to see, and be involved with, some pretty neat projects. One of these projects is coming together very well...and we are anxiuos to see the results.

A little over 6 years ago on one my first trips to VIR I met a person in the paddock and we discussed Atoms, racing, and general bench racing.  A few years later he and his son visited TMI to discuss the Ariel Atom again - still as avid fans...but no Ariel Atom in their garage yet.  Fast forward another year or so....and we were discussing how they may wish to have an Ariel Atom built for the One Lap of America race.  Bingo - cool project - let's go!

This car has now been built - and the father son duo have been testing the car at various tracks so far with great results.  The event is in May so they still have some time to dial in this unique Ariel Atom.

Please be sure to follow the progress of this car as the race starts at www.facebook.com/thearielatom as well as follow the team directly at www.facebook.com/brockyatestributefund The team is working with the Brock Yates Tribute fund to raise funds for Alzheimer's research.

Good luck in the event!

Here is a release that has gone out on the project:

TMI AutoTech Works With Race Team to Build A One Lap Of America Contender

For Immediate Release March 4, 2014

TMI AutoTech is pleased to announce its support of an Ariel
Atom that will compete within the challenging Brock Yates One Lap of America motorsport

This event brings a very unique challenge to the world of
motorsport as it covers multiple tracks in a time trial format during the week
long affair.

Taking into consideration the nature of the competition it
was decided that a unique vehicle configuration would be required. "Reliability, safety, and the ability to get
up to speed quickly during the time trials are all factors we combined"
explains Mark Swain, VP Sales & Marketing – TMI AutoTech in the approach to build an Ariel Atom for this event. TMI worked with the client to understand what
may be thrown at the drivers during this race.

The end result is an Ariel Atom that has been labeled with the chassis #OLOA001 to designate its
pure focus on the One Lap of America event.

A high-revving HPD Spec 2.4L engine mated to a close ratio
transmission will act as the propulsion for this lightweight supercar, while a
Bosch Motorsport ABS system will assist with maximum deceleration. A fully welded roll structure surround the driver
compartment which features solid mounted aluminum road race seats for the
drivers who are tucked behind the bespoke windshield of the Ariel Atom. The full speciation list is extensive.

"TMI is excited to watch this car in action and wishes the
team the best" exclaims Swain. "We feel that the Ariel Atom is well suited to
the challenge!"

Watch for updates on the event at www.facebook.com/thearielatom

About TMI AutoTech, Inc:

TMI AutoTech, Inc. is an established, owner-managed and
operated Virginia corporation, located within the industrial business complex
at Virginia International Raceway. With a focus on manufacturing, and a passion
for motorsports, TMI is well equipped as both a specialty motorsport component
manufacturer and vehicle complete manufacturer.

In addition to manufacturing TMI also operates driving
events at Virginia International Raceway that provide the opportunity for
individuals to get on-track behind the wheel of race-prepped Ariel Atoms.

Founded in 2008 by David Goadby, Brent Gates, and Mark Swain
to build the Ariel Atom supercar the company has continued to expand with a
mandate to build quality products while providing gainful employment to current
staff. TMI's 20,000 Sq.ft facility houses fabrication, machining, service, and
assembly areas.

For Further

Mark Swain

TMI AutoTech, Inc

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Driving on the race track - That is where my passion is.  It can be racing or simply a lapping day....there really is nothing better than working hard every lap to learn the track, improve your line, or simply try to become one with the car. 

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to give some demo rides around INDE Motorsports Ranch located in Willcox, AZ in a Spec:RaceAtom car.  The weather was perfect....and the turn out of members and guests was great. 

The track layout is very well suited to the SRA car - I can't wait to do more laps.  I was able to drive from 9:30am until 4:00pm and only put gas in the car(only 91 octane) which was a great showing for the reliability of the SRA car. I was certainly tired at the end of the day....but there are worse jobs I could have :)

Looking forward to the possibility of more Atoms in Arizona.



Posted by on in Press & Media

from Hooniverse.com - The Ariel Atom is sort of an incredible mystical machine to gear-heads which needs no introduction. It's a vehicle without a body, without doors, and without any creature comforts. Its primary purpose is to get the driver and one passenger, and nothing else, around a race track in the fastest and purest way possible. Its secondary purpose to disfigure the faces of said driver and passenger, which has become the obligatory thing to do by the few people who get to drive, or at least ride, in an Atom.

Ariel Atom 3

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Posted by on in Atom

TMI AutoTech, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of the 2013 Ariel Atom 3 incorporating numerous exciting changes and updates to the North American market for the already well developed and proven Atom 3 supercar.

The 2013 Ariel Atom 3 will provide newly offered standard features that will augment both function and performance. In addition to new standard features TMI AutoTech, Inc. is excited to release new options that will continue enabling our customers to uniquely individualize building the vehicle of their dreams.

A high function digital dash that has been well proven within the popular Spec:RaceAtom race & track-day car has been adopted for full use within the Atom 3. The Atom 3 driving experience will be enhanced by a new built-in dead pedal and an anatomic steering wheel. Multiple gear shift knobs are also being released to provide improved cockpit ergonomics and individuality.

Looking from the outside - the 2013 Ariel Atom 3 will offer new standard color choices for both the chassis and body panels while also providing a subtle bonnet design change that will visually set it apart from previous Ariel Atom 3s.

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