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Let’s be honest, if you’ve spent any amount of time around the track, (or a car in general), you know that parts wear out, things break, and occasionally we may take a corner too fast and trot off the track like we just became involved in a rally cross event. Bottom line……cars get abused and need maintenance and repair.

This is why TMI AutoTech, Inc. has developed a unique trackside presence at Virginia International Raceway. By offering a1sx2_Thumbnail1_Jesse-Springs-Audi.jpgmaintenance, repair, component installation, chassis set up, and many other services on location; you can spend more time racing and less time worrying about something breaking on your car. Among the many services offered, we can also help you get your vehicle race ready during the off season. We have experience in many different racing arenas so no matter what series you want to compete in, we can help you get your car ready for the track. So let me introduce you to our Motorsports Service Manager.

Jesse Kenealy – As the Motorsports Service Manager, Jesse handles all aspects of service and maintenance for the Ariel Atoms here at TMI as well as performing the maintenance, component installation, and repairs of track day cars as well as clients personal vehicles. The favorite part of the job for Jesse is just being involved in motorsports and having the opportunity to work on the variety of cars that come through the shop.

So hopefully now you know we are here to help keep you on the track and have a pretty good idea of what we can do for you. From complex roll cage installation to a simple brake install, our Motorsports Services Division can handle it. If you have a car you want to make track ready we are glad to take on new projects, so give us a call at 434.822.9130 and let us help you get your vehicle on the track and keep it there. Check out the YouTube video below to get a glimpse inside.

Like us on Facebook.  Follow us on Twitter.  Or check us out on Instagram.



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If you are reading this you likely already agree with me that cars are more than just a form of transportation….I also believe that cars are also more than an outlet for an adrenaline rush during performance driving events. Driving at the limit is a great joy of mine….and I imagine yours too…..but I took a step back this past week during a track event and saw that cars, and performance driving, bring people together.

A track day brings drivers from all walks of life together…..and the paddock becomes a place to relax and talk about cars, the proper line, and what tire pressure works best. This past week I met people in the paddock that I had not seen in 7 years and picked right back up where we left off…..which was likely talking about minimum apex speeds – or something exciting like that.

This particular track day, at Virginia International Raceway, saw numerous Atoms lapping which was great to see…but it was also great to see how many new drivers were out for the first time on the track – maybe they will be future Atom owners J.

If you are looking for your next hobby and have not taken to the track yet I strongly suggest you do so – you won’t regret it. There are track days happening across the country on a weekly basis – Just get out and drive! If you want to discuss an Atom to do so with….I am happy to chat.

In the meantime – we are headed to Road Atlanta this weekend for an exhibition race with the Spec:Race Atom series. Keep an eye on the results page, as well as our facebook page for updates from the track.

Want to know how to get on-track? Here are a couple great options:

VIR Club: http://virnow.com/experience/club/

Chin Motorsports: http://chinmotorsports.com/

Or – if you want to race: www.specraceatom.com

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Let me begin by saying how exciting it is, as a car enthusiast, to be working in the motorsports field. My name is Chris Doss and I had the great pleasure of joining the team at TMI AutoTech, Inc. a few short weeks ago to help with communications. Growing up, I was basically raised in a garage around cars that were constantly torn apart and rebuilt to go faster. I have never out grown the obsession with going fast and now have an even greater admiration for the amount of work that goes into building automobiles, especially one as amazing as the Ariel Atom.

With a few weeks under my belt working here, I am still amazed at the level of craftsmanship and how much everyone here enjoys building these cars. So in an attempt to let everyone in our audience get know TMI AutoTech, Inc. the way that I have, we will be doing a series of blogs introducing the rest of our Team……a group of people that take pride in what they do, and do it well.

We will also be posting up some great information on our social media pages to show you more about TMI AutoTech, Inc. So be sure to check us out on Facebook or follow us on Twitter @TMIAutoTech. Thanks for reading and we hope you return next Friday to stay up to date on the latest from TMI AutoTech.

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Let’s keep in touch – words we all say….and many times realize that is easier said than done. Moving forward at TMI AutoTech we have put together a plan to help keep people informed about what is happening at TMI AutoTech with the Ariel Atom as well as other various manufacturing projects. We also wish to show some of the unique personalities that work hard behind the scenes. We are excited by what goes on everyday – we hope to share this passion.

To start – I will introduce myself, my name is Mark Swain, and my official title is VP of Sales and Marketing. I have been with company since day 1….which was March 1, 2008. Time flies when you are having fun. I grew up around motorsport with many family weekend trips spent crewing for my Dad’s track activity. When the time came that I could get behind the wheel I did not hesitate. I have been fortunate to be able to compete in various things from karts, sprint cars, stock cars and also sports prototypes. Along the way some studies in business and marketing, when combined with motorsport experience, make for an excellent combination to work with a company like TMI AutoTech.

This week at TMI AutoTech we had some real excitement as we released the brand new Atom 3S to the media. Thank you to all who shared and commented on this release. The Atom 3S is the first turbo charged Atom….and is very quick!

We will update this section every Friday with interesting information – I will be alternating weeks with Chris Doss who looks after communications; look for Chris to interview shop employees over the coming weeks which we hope will show some of the personality that goes in to manufacturing.

So – please plan to check back to this section every Friday afternoon to get the latest from TMI AutoTech.

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Working within motorsports....particularly manufacturing the Ariel Atom on a daily basis allows us to see, and be involved with, some pretty neat projects. One of these projects is coming together very well...and we are anxiuos to see the results.

A little over 6 years ago on one my first trips to VIR I met a person in the paddock and we discussed Atoms, racing, and general bench racing.  A few years later he and his son visited TMI to discuss the Ariel Atom again - still as avid fans...but no Ariel Atom in their garage yet.  Fast forward another year or so....and we were discussing how they may wish to have an Ariel Atom built for the One Lap of America race.  Bingo - cool project - let's go!

This car has now been built - and the father son duo have been testing the car at various tracks so far with great results.  The event is in May so they still have some time to dial in this unique Ariel Atom.

Please be sure to follow the progress of this car as the race starts at www.facebook.com/thearielatom as well as follow the team directly at www.facebook.com/brockyatestributefund The team is working with the Brock Yates Tribute fund to raise funds for Alzheimer's research.

Good luck in the event!

Here is a release that has gone out on the project:

TMI AutoTech Works With Race Team to Build A One Lap Of America Contender

For Immediate Release March 4, 2014

TMI AutoTech is pleased to announce its support of an Ariel
Atom that will compete within the challenging Brock Yates One Lap of America motorsport

This event brings a very unique challenge to the world of
motorsport as it covers multiple tracks in a time trial format during the week
long affair.

Taking into consideration the nature of the competition it
was decided that a unique vehicle configuration would be required. "Reliability, safety, and the ability to get
up to speed quickly during the time trials are all factors we combined"
explains Mark Swain, VP Sales & Marketing – TMI AutoTech in the approach to build an Ariel Atom for this event. TMI worked with the client to understand what
may be thrown at the drivers during this race.

The end result is an Ariel Atom that has been labeled with the chassis #OLOA001 to designate its
pure focus on the One Lap of America event.

A high-revving HPD Spec 2.4L engine mated to a close ratio
transmission will act as the propulsion for this lightweight supercar, while a
Bosch Motorsport ABS system will assist with maximum deceleration. A fully welded roll structure surround the driver
compartment which features solid mounted aluminum road race seats for the
drivers who are tucked behind the bespoke windshield of the Ariel Atom. The full speciation list is extensive.

"TMI is excited to watch this car in action and wishes the
team the best" exclaims Swain. "We feel that the Ariel Atom is well suited to
the challenge!"

Watch for updates on the event at www.facebook.com/thearielatom

About TMI AutoTech, Inc:

TMI AutoTech, Inc. is an established, owner-managed and
operated Virginia corporation, located within the industrial business complex
at Virginia International Raceway. With a focus on manufacturing, and a passion
for motorsports, TMI is well equipped as both a specialty motorsport component
manufacturer and vehicle complete manufacturer.

In addition to manufacturing TMI also operates driving
events at Virginia International Raceway that provide the opportunity for
individuals to get on-track behind the wheel of race-prepped Ariel Atoms.

Founded in 2008 by David Goadby, Brent Gates, and Mark Swain
to build the Ariel Atom supercar the company has continued to expand with a
mandate to build quality products while providing gainful employment to current
staff. TMI's 20,000 Sq.ft facility houses fabrication, machining, service, and
assembly areas.

For Further

Mark Swain

TMI AutoTech, Inc

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.