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Posted by on in General

Every year I am not sure why I am amazed at how time has flown by…….but it always surprises me how quickly the year slips away. Thinking about this I started to reflect on what accomplishments happened this year…..and I came up with an informal list of cool things that occurred at TMI AutoTech in 2014.

  •           Built the 68th Spec Race Atom car
  •           Sold chassis AA30227 for Atom 3s (and counting……)
  •           Completed the 4th full season of the VIR Cup Spec Race Atom race season Presented by Honda Racing/HPD
  •           We were invited to compete at exhibition races with the SCCA at both the Summer Speedfest and the American Road Race of Champions
  •           Released the Turbo Charged 365hp Atom 3S to the world in October - (I had the pleasure of test driving it at the drag strip and around VIR) J
  •           Expanded internal capabilities with the addition of numerous new staff members; we are up over 20 people now!
  •           Expanded our internal machining capabilities with a new 4-axis CNC mill
  •           Launched TMI Motorsport Service division to look after Atoms as well as a wide variety of track and exotic cars

I know there is more….but those items stand out as the most memorable……but what also sticks in my head as memorable is the number of hours everyone at TMI AutoTech worked to get things moving; from future planning to daily jobs our staff worked hard. Thank you.

2015 has many new and exciting projects in the works, in addition to a continued effort to keep the Ariel Atom at the top of the heap. Stay tuned…….ATOM3s clipped black whitelogocd

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“Desire is the key to motivation, but its determination and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit of your goal – a commitment to excellence – that will enable you to attain the success you seek.”

Mario Andretti

We all want something – that new 100 inch television, the new golf clubs that promise to lengthen your drive by 500%, the new cell phone that will make your life 1000 times easier – but how do we fulfill these desires, and more importantly, are we focused on the right things?

In my first month here at TMI AutoTech I have had some time to reflect on the path that brought me here. I desired to be out of retail sales, to have greater responsibility, and to make a better living for me and my growing family. But desire was not enough; it was only by understanding why what I desired was important to me that I was able to realize the source of these desires and work towards my goal – stability, contentment, satisfaction in work and in my personal life.

Mario Andretti hit the nail on the head; it is not only desire that leads us to success, it is hard work, determination, and most importantly “a commitment to excellence” that allows us to attain it. This commitment to excellence is woven into the very fabric that makes up TMI AutoTech. From the ground up every component is hand crafted to exacting standards, whether it is something huge like the chassis or something miniscule like the nuts and bolts holding it all together. Our desire is to build each and every Atom to an exacting standard; this desire is gratified only through the determination and commitment to excellence portrayed by each member of our team, day after day.

For more information about the Ariel Atom or any of our offerings here at TMI AutoTech, give me a call at (434)822-9130.

DSC 0683

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There is a lot that goes into the manufacturing of an Atom, but have you ever really stopped to think, just how much? Sure, there are a lot of labor hours in fabricating the chassis, component installation, and overall vehicle assembly; but what I'm talking about are the parts that make up these extraordinary vehicles.

TMI AutoTech has upwards of 5,000 different part numbers in our system that can be used in the production of an Atom. That's right, between individual parts and what goes into different sub-assemblies, there are more than 5,000 part numbers to keep up with. So let's meet the people that keep up with the organizing, storage, and purchasing of the parts and materials that go into building the Atom.

Richard Clark – Warehouse Associate

Richard has been employed here for three years, his duties include the shipping and receiving of just about anything that comes through the doors at TMI AutoTech. As you may imagine, Richard stays very busy checking in items to make sure they are correct and in good condition, as well as putting items away for storage and finding warehouse space for everything from bolts and washers to a complete Atom. Rich grew up around racing and enjoys being in a position within motorsports.

Shelia Kirk – Purchaser

Shelia's is responsible for creating purchase orders for items as well as acquiring new suppliers. She has been with the company for 5-years and interacts with vendors on a daily basis, which is the favorite part of the job for her. So whether it's ordering office supplies or machine oil, Shelia is the person to go to here at TMI AutoTech.

If you want more behind the scenes information on the Ariel Atom make sure to "Like" our page on Facebook and to follow us on Twitter.

DSC 0639


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This week many of us will sit down at the table with friends and family for a day of celebration, reflection, and relaxation (and football).  I won’t regale you with stale complaints about how the meaning of Thanksgiving has changed, how Black Friday and the rise of retail have spoiled the spirit of the season, how advertisements for sales have ruined our collective consciousness – I would rather focus on the true meaning of the season, on what we have to be thankful for. 

 This year the team here at TMI AutoTech have plenty to be appreciative of, and that starts with the customers and clients that have been integral in the growth of our business over the past seven years.  Every division within TMI AutoTech has grown, from fabrication to motorsports services to manufacturing, and – something I am particularly thankful for – we have added a new sales division.  And the one thing that all of us here at TMI AutoTech are especially thankful for is the completion of development on our first home-grown model, the Atom 3S.

 As we continue to grow and transform we look forward to and are thankful for the opportunities given to us through the loyalty of our clients.  In order to reward this loyalty and to add some new names to the list of happy Atom owners we are offering a $2,500 option credit for all orders received from Friday, November 28th through Wednesday, December 3rd.  To take advantage of this credit, just send an email with the subject line “Option Credit Order” to David in our Vehicle Sales Department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and he will follow up with you to confirm your order and option choices.


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Welcome back to our weekly blog. While the main goal of these blogs is to keep you informed of events, news, projects, and other useful information; we also want you to know who we are at TMI AutoTech, Inc. In this week’s blog I will introduce you to Leslie Comer – Administrative Assistant and our newest team member David Dew – Car Sales.

Leslie ComerLeslie Blog PhotoAs the Administrative Assistant, Leslie handles everything from answering the phone to processing Invoices and work orders. With her days filled with processing paper work, phone calls, and responding to emails, we would be hard pressed to run an effective business without her. Leslie has been with TMI AutoTech for almost a year now and says the favorite part of her job is getting to meet a lot of different people.

Hobbies: Anything involving being outdoors and Hunting.

 David Dew:     David TMI Blog PhotoHaving been here only one week, David is our newest Team member here at TMI AutoTech. He will be focusing on Atom car sales and building lasting relationships with our clients. You can also look for David here on our Blog from time to time spreading the word on sales promotions and programs. So far, David’s favorite part about working here is talking with people that are so enthusiastic about their vehicles. If you are interested in buying an Atom or just want more information, send David an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give hime a call at 434-822-9130.

Hobbies: Attending Wine and Food Festivals, Music, Watching Autocross races, and just about anything motorsports related.

In other news we would like to let everyone know about the final race of the 2014 season for the Spec: Race Atom VIR Cup taking place November 29-30, 2014 at Virginia International Raceway. There has been some great racing throughout the season from all the drivers and I’m sure it will only be better during the last two races. We hope to see you there! For more information on the Spec: Race Atom series click here.