• In house design and engineering

  • Unbelievable tube fabrication skills

  • Quality from start to finish

  • TMI solved our problem and had the parts made in a timely fashion

  • Precision bending and rolling

  • CNC Press Brake

  • I have never ever driven anything that accelerates so fast” Jeremy Clarkson–BBC Top Gear

  • No roof. No doors. No compromise.

  • …Rolling artwork…

  • Extremely well organized and enjoyable day

  • Can’t wait to come back…

  • Driving the Ariel Atom has ruined me for all other sportscars

  • I can’t stop smiling…

  • “….Wow!....”

  • “Less = More”

Buy an Atom

Your Atom will be built to order taking into consideration your specific needs

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Drive an Atom

Join the exclusive group of drivers who have driven an Ariel Atom on a real race track.

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Custom Manufacturing

Manufacturing, Fabrication, Engineering. Take your idea and turn it into a finished product!

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'Lamborghini Blue Cepheus anyone? Nice pair of cars. #arielatom #arielatom3'

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'I can't wait until the day that I can say that I bought an Ariel Atom! It's just a matter of time before I am enjoying being behind the wheel of one! #onedayyouwillbemine #iwillhaveonesoon #arielatom #Ariel #atom'

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'#arielatom and #hondaperformancedevelopment CRZ hanging out at Barber Motorsports Park.'

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"...quite simply,
one of the most
exhilarating experiences

available within this stratosphere."

TMI Autotech is the exclusive North American manufacturer of the Ariel Atom.