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  • Ariel Atom Honda Racing Edition

    Limited Offering. Exclusive run of 10 vehicles.

    A unique blend of performance components not yet seen on an Ariel Atom in North America.

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  • Spec:RaceAtom

    Reworked platform, designed & developed by TMI, based off the thoroughbred Ariel Atom 3 production chassis.

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  • Ariel Atom 3

    Built to order in the USA.

    No compromise. Total Driver Involvement.

    Stunningly serious fun.

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Where do Atoms come from? Glad you asked! Let me tell you more....

You have made it this far – thank you for searching out more information on how you can get behind the wheel of an Ariel Atom. If you have spent countless hours browsing photos and videos online, or maybe you love the sight of an Ariel Atom every time it pulls into your local track event and wondered "How can that be in my garage?" then read on. We hope this gives a brief insight into hand-built world of the Ariel Atom.

Step #1 – Option Choices

Each Ariel Atom 3 is built to order for its owner who can choose from a variety of options. We love to speak with potential owners to work through what options may be best suited to their desired end use. You can give us a call with what you think you need.....or you can always just call and we can start from scratch. The biggest thing you need to summarize is what are your goals with this car? Will you be going to the track every week? Never? Looking for a replacement for a motorcycle? Let us know.

Step #2 – Submit Order

Congratulations! You are one step closer to Atom ownership. At this stage we will sign off on a purchase order and place your build into the queue. We will provide you with your chassis # at this time so that you can track your specific build....as well as tell all your friends. From this stage onwards we let technicians on the shop floor take over and bring your Ariel Atom to life.

Step #3 – Chassis Fabrication

TMI AutoTech builds each Ariel Atom from the ground up at a manufacturing facility in Virginia, USA. The chassis requires tube rolling, bending, and notching for a variety of tubes on the Ariel Atom. In addition the use of other machinery such as CNC Mill, lathes, and press break allows for every bracket, mount, and fixture to be made in-house. Inventory is kept for these components which allow for a fabricator to pull the required parts and tack them together on designated chassis fixtures. With all the tubes in place final welding is completed using a combination of MIG and TIG welding. At this point....Your Ariel Atom is starting to look good. P.S. you can expect at least a few pictures at this stage to keep you in the loop.

Step #4 – Powder Coating

A big decision needs to be made – What color will your Ariel Atom be? Our staff will work with you to see if a standard color fits your needs, or if you want to step outside the box and bake on a custom color.

Step #5 – Assembly

A trained assembly technician will take your chassis and turn it into a completed vehicle at this point. Prior to the chassis arriving back with a powder coat finish they have pulled all the parts for your vehicle and completed many sub-assembly tasks. Items of note that are ready and waiting to be brought together in the chassis are a Honda engine & transmission, suspension components, as well as all of your bodywork. More pictures are sent to you as major steps are completed in the assembly.

Step #6 – Initial Run

Could be true? Your Ariel Atom is a complete vehicle? Yes – at this stage it is true. A technician will now run through a series of tests to ensure everything is as it should be, as well as to run some of the components through their paces. Typical sequence is to start the engine and bring it to operating temperature while monitoring the computer. After this step is complete the car will be rolled outside and driven a short distance.

Step #7 – Track Test

TMI AutoTech is uniquely located trackside at Virginia International Raceway which allows for each Ariel Atom 3 to be track tested prior to delivery. This ensures everything is working as it should be and is ready for you to enjoy upon arrival in your garage.

Step #8 Pre-Delivery Inspection

A standard list of items is checked to ensure quality.

Final Step – You get the word your Ariel Atom is ready for pickup or delivery

Yes! Your car is complete and we will work with you to arrange to have it delivered to you. At this stage you are also welcome to come to the factory, or your local dealer and allow us to walk you through the vehicle from front to back.

Congratulations – If you made it this far you are an Ariel Atom owner –

Welcome to an exclusive segment of the motoring population. Now get out and drive!

Light Grey = standard
Red = option
  Standard Specifications
Fully Track Tested and Assembled      
      Option $  
Engine Honda 230 bhp Naturally Aspirated 2.4L Standard 0.00  
Polished Stainless Steel Exhaust System Option 649.77  
Catalytic Converter includes Test Pipe Option Special Request Only  
Aluminum Radiator Option 750.00  
Auxillary Aluminum Radiator Option 855.00  
Transmission - 6 speed Limited Slip Differential Standard 0.00  
Braking System Wilwood Dynalite Sport Brake Package Standard 0.00  
Alcon Track Brake Package Option 2,995.00  
Track Brake Pads - Wilwood Option 214.94  
Track Brake Pads - Alcon Option 457.90  
Remote Brake Bias Adjuster Option 250.00  
Parking Brake Kit Option 1,332.67  
Suspension System Tuned non-adjustable Dampers Standard 0.00  
Aluminum Adjustable Dampers Option 2,720.00  
Two Piece Spring Kit Option 444.00 Adjustable Damper Only 
Race Needle Roller Bellcranks Option 1,641.75  
Chromoly Aerofoil Wishbone Option 4,205.85  
Race Grade Rod Ends Option 1,746.60  
Steering System Quick release Steering Wheel Hub Option 275.00  
Seating One-piece Fiberglass Bucket Standard 0.00  
Seats Belts 2 inch 4 point harness Standard 0.00  
3 inch 4 point harness Option 328.00  
HANS Specific Shoulder Belts Option 422.32  
Anti-Sub Belt Option 49.33  
Seat Belt Pads Option 37.29  
Screens Standard Screen(no deflector) Standard 0.00  
Aero Screens Option 146.85  
Full Glass Windscreen Package Option 2,850.00  
Wings/Aerofoils Carbon Fiber Wings Option 5,975.00  
Wheels Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 12 Spoke Standard 0.00  
15" Wheel Package Standard 0.00  
16" Wheel Package Option 453.75  
17" Wheel Package (17"x9" rear) Option 650.00  
Lightweight Magnesium (Frt 15" & R 16") Option 4,250.00  
Tires Yokohama S.drive (195/50/15F 205/55/15R) Standard 0.00  
15" Toyo R888 (205/50/15) Front Option 360.00  
16" Toyo R888 (225/45/16) Rear Option 367.00  
17" Toyo R888 (245/40/17) Rear Option 477.00  
15" Yokohama S.drive (205/50/15)Front Option 112.00  
17" Yokohama S.drive (245/40/17)Rear Option 167.00  
Body Work/ Appearance
Chassis Powder Coat(Grey/Black/Gunmetal) Standard 0.00  
Custom Color Chassis - Powder Coat Option 1,450.00  
Custom Powder Test/Sample Option 250.00  
Fenders - Fiberglass Black Standard 0.00  
Bodywork Fiberglass Standard Colors** Standard 0.00  
Carbon Fiber Bonnet Option 984.00  
Carbon Fiber Airbox Cover/Snorkel Option 1,784.00  
Carbon Fiber Fenders Option 1,442.00  
Side Panels Option 400.00  
Carbon Fiber Instrument Surround Option 482.00  
Bodywork Colors Black** Standard 0.00  
White** Standard 0.00  
Red** Standard 0.00  
Dark Blue** Standard 0.00  
Yellow Option 500.00  
Matte Black Option 500.00  
GT3 Orange Option 500.00  
Custom Colors Available Option 1,200.00 Bonnet/Airbox/Snorkel 
Track Day Options Battery Master Switch Option 275.00  
High Intensity Rain Light Option 225.00  
Roll Bar Hoop Option 990.00  
Towing Eye Kit - Front Option 603.00  
Towing Eye Kit - Rear Option 199.00  
Fire Extinguisher Kit Option 675.00  
Racetech Data logger Option 1,200.00  
Misc. Options Car Cover - Indoor Option 525.00  
Car Cover - Outdoor Option 525.00  
Passenger Footrest Option 197.35  
Road Race Lighting Kit Option 1,995.00  
12V Power Source Option 66.00  
Locking Fuel Cap Option 75.00  
        Prices Subject To Change
        version 010313
Payment Terms:       
Order is not Transferable       
All Payments are non-refundable      
All orders are placed within the build queue based on initial deposit receipt      
Order changes can be made up until Assembly begins      

Buy an Atom!

Configure your Ariel Atom with our body colors. Other configuration options coming soon!



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