Spec:RaceAtom Series

Series Overview – Come on out and get involved

Quite simply, it is one of the most competitive and cost effective racing series to hit the track in many years!

Here are some of the race format details:

  • Race locations on both east and west coast
    • Virginia International Raceway – East
    • Spring Mountain Motorsport Ranch - West
  • 10 lap sprint race format (2 races per weekend)
  • Additional practice sessions each day
  • Designated Atom-only race group
  • Points awarded & scored towards year-end championship (The Atom Cup)
  • All racing governed by 13/13 etiquette
  • Series to be administered by TMI AutoTech, in strict accordance with defined SRA preparation & competition rules (i.e., no allowable changes/additions of any kind except tire pressure and/or other parameters within the standard range(s) of inherent mechanical adjustability provided by as-delivered car).

Why race with the Spec:RaceAtom series?

  • VERY cost effective racing
  • SRA cars uses 91 or 93 Octane Pump fuel
  • Lightweight nature of the SRA makes for great tire life
  • Routine maintenance costs are a fraction of what woud typically be associated with a purpose built racecar
  • Direct factory support available
  • Great progression from track days to wheel-to-wheel racing
  • Racing does not have to be a unattainable dream - The SRA series has allowed many drivers make racing a reality.
  • SRA car storage available at SRA Race locations
  • Towing a racecar to the track is no fun - Leave your car at the racetrack and make life easy!
  • Great FUN! The Spec: RaceAtom is sure to put a big smile on your face every time you take it onto the track!
  • Competitive....yet safe. All races are run under 13/13 etiquette.
  • The SRA is a great track-day car outside of racing events - many SRA drivers get lots of practice time at other events
  • Easy to drive - The SRA car has proven to be a vehicle that will allow various backgrounds, and skill levels, to get out and enjoy driving

2015 Schedule

2015 Spec:RaceAtom VIR Cup Schedule

Race #1 May 16th – VIR South Course
Race #2 May 17th – VIR South Course
Race #3 July 4th – VIR Full Course
Race #4 July 5th – VIR Full Course
Race #5 July 25th – VIR South Course
Race #6 July 26th – VIR South Course
Race #7 August 29th – VIR South Course
Race #8 August 30th – VIR Full Course
Race #9 November 28th – VIR Grand Course
Race #10 November 29th – VIR Full Course