• I have never ever driven anything that accelerates so fast” Jeremy Clarkson–BBC Top Gear

  • No roof. No doors. No compromise.

  • ....Rolling artwork....

  • ....Wow!....

  • Less = More

No Roof. No Doors. No Compromise.

Ariel Atom Honda Racing Edition

Honda Performance Development Spec:RaceAtom

Limited Offering. Exclusive run of 10 vehicles.

A unique blend of performance components not yet seen on an Ariel Atom in North America.

TMI AutoTech, Inc. is pleased to announce a limited offering of Ariel Atom Honda Racing/HPD Edition track-day cars. The cars are the result of collaboration between TMI and Honda Performance Development (HPD). HPD selected key components from its current motorsports programs to increase the performance of the standard Atom. This exclusive run of 10 vehicles will utilize a unique blend of performance components that has not yet been seen on an Ariel Atom in North America.

Building on a current relationship between HPD and TMI AutoTech, Inc. was a natural progression for the two companies that launched the successful Spec: Race Atom series together in 2011.

Showcasing the performance potential of Honda Racing/HPD racing parts in combination with the in-house manufacturing capabilities of TMI AutoTech, Inc. is the goal of this track-day focused, ultra-performance supercar, while at the same time providing a memorable driving experience for the owners.

Ten uniquely numbered builds will be produced.