We understand that the Ariel Atom and Ariel Nomad are most enjoyed during warm sunny days (although we do have some hardcore owners who brave the cold, rain, and even snow).  We have had our eye on Florida and were actively looking for the right partner for Ariel Sales and Service. After a lengthy vetting process, to ensure the upmost in customer service, we officially partnered with Two Wheels World (TWW) in Pompano Beach, Florida. TWW has an extensive history and presence in the South Florida market as an official Ducati and Triumph motorcycle dealer. The similarities of the the Ariel line and Motorcycling are undeniable (acceleration, speed, braking, cornering, and open motoring).  Two Wheels World's experience in the motorcycle market, along with a pairing of great management team set the course for having TWW as the Factory Authorized Ariel Sales and Service point for the state. 

We spent a weekend with Two Wheels World and attended private showings, meet and greets, and car shows. Check out the pictures below for a quick look into what Florida, the Ariel Atom, and Ariel Nomad will have to offer.

For Florida Ariel Sales and Service, contact:

Two Wheels World - 840 S Andrews Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 - omar@twowheelsworld.com