As many of you may have read we are excited to get an Atom 3S headed to the festivities that will be Monterey Car Week.  I have never been to the event so I am looking forward to it to show people the Atom…..but also can’t wait to see all of the other amazing vehicles. 

To get into the mindset of the event I took the Atom 3S demo car for a 250 mile drive last Sunday morning through some great backroads, then for brunch in Raleigh, NC - then more miles of driving.  The Atom 3S is very smooth to drive and I just did not want to stop!

So who is headed to Monterey as well?? Drop me an email if you want to see the 3S in person.

The schedule will likely be pretty fluid throughout the week – but some events are in place.  We are going to start the week in Temecula, CA at Sector 111; they will be hosting a meet and greet on the evening of Tuesday August 11th.  There will be 2 Atom 3S cars at the event – both extremely attractive cars!  If you would like to join – drop me an email as well.

After this we will be headed off for some epic driving roads on the way to Monterey.  Sector 111 will be along for the ride – or more likely guide – as we navigate the roadways. 

Saturday will see us at the Concorso Italiano.  Should be a great day to show the Atom around….as well as take all of the other beautiful automotive scenery.

Keep an eye on our Instagram feed @tmi_autotech or /thearielatom on Facebook for some daily updates during the week.

Like I said…..being a car person I can’t wait!

Oh….and just to finish off the blog with a really cool picture – here are 4 Atom 3S cars that shipped to new owners this week!  Can’t wait to hear from the owners after the go on their first drives.