This week we had the honor of working with Titan Gilroy, host of Titan American Built on MavTV. Titan and his film crew came out to our shop in Halifax County Virginia to film an upcoming episode about TMI AutoTech for the reality TV show – Season 2, Episode 2 set to air in November if you want to tune in and check us out….just saying :)

Titan American Built tells the story of American Manufacturing and is a huge advocate for bringing jobs back to the United States. From the moment you meet the crew you realize they are sincerely passionate about this Country and “American Built”.

By the end of the second day of filming we were comfortable enough to turn Titan loose behind the wheel and see what the Atom is all about. The smiles just kept getting bigger and you could tell Titan was starting to settle into the driver’s seat of the Atom.

By the end of the filming you could see the excitement from Titan and his film crew; we were able to showcase the in-house manufacturing process from start to finish…..and have some fun doing it! That’s what Titan American Built is all about – Pride in what you do and Pride that it is American Built……Boom!

Watch Titan American Built Monday’s at 9PM on MavTV and be sure to catch our episode when it airs in November.