Is love at first sight possible? I would assume that yes is the correct answer based on over 7 years of experiencing delivering Atoms from our Virginia based facility.  The extreme joy that we see on the faces of grown adults who first lay their eyes on their custom built, shiny new Ariel Atom is like watching a kid open presents on Christmas morning.  Extreme grins….followed by long pauses…..followed by “WOW” is not out of the ordinary.

It is great when we are able to schedule a client to come and visit our facility for the first viewing of their car.  We had this opportunity over the weekend with an owner and it went something like this:

  • Meet at the shop – grab a coffee
  • Walk through the manufacturing facility to see chassis fabrication, machine shop, sub-assembly, and then finally make it to the final assembly area where your new Atom is waiting
  • Do a complete walk around of your new car!  Answer as many questions as you have along the way
  • Roll it outside to go for the first drive
  • Go over any further questions you may have, meet the staff that built your car, and arrange for transport of the vehicle to its new home

Ready to find your next love?  Give the Atom a shot……we will be happy to set you up on a date!