The guys in the shop have been incredibly busy this past week with lots of exciting things going on.  I always like to look ahead to the future, however it is always interesting to look back at the end of a busy week to see what happened at TMI AutoTech.

Those of you who have been following the Atom 3S progress you know that the engine is a 2.4L Honda with addition of a fully intercooled turbo system. (Note: if you just started following us – check out the Atom 3S here!  It is awesome!)  Each Atom 3S receives a variety of tests prior to being delivered to the end user; engine is started and run within the chassis, short test drive, dyno test, and finally a track test. 

The dyno test allows us to ensure the tune, as well as the turbo pressure are all working in sync.  This is an important step to ensure reliability for the end user.

After the dyno test the assembly technicians will take the car back into the shop to give it a good look over for any items that may have changed during the dyno test.  The next step is a track test.

Track testing is the final step in the process and takes place on the beautiful Virginia International Raceway.  TMI AutoTech utilizes a standard test procedure that brings the cars up to speed in a controlled manner while also testing ride and handling characteristics.  A total of ~ 50 miles are placed on the cars prior to delivery to the end user.

In the midst of all the excitement of testing cars we also had the pleasure of providing a quick shop tour; always a good time to open up the shop and show people around. 

Until Next Week….

Mark Swain