On a daily basis….I get to talk about Atoms, Atom options, Atom driving, and Atom racing; in general…..Atoms 24/7 which is great.  The chance to speak with prospective buyers, buyers, current owners, and enthusiasts is a great way to spend my time. Within these conversation comes a variety of standard questions that I thought may be helpful if I share some of these and their respective answers.

One of the most common questions we get is – Will I fit, and is it comfortable?

The standard answer is generally yes…..although there are some parameters to work within…but the cockpit of the Atom is one of the roomiest exotics I have come across. 

Here is the view from an Atom 3 driver seat. 

The Atom is a car that you sit within……you feel like you are part of the vehicle……It is exciting to just sit in it.  The seat on the Atom 3 is adjustable and we have had owners of Atoms that range from 5’ to 6’7” tall…and a wide range of weight ranges.  The low seating position makes all day driving sessions comfortable as all the controls are within excellent operating range.

You may notice in this picture that there is a full glass windshield blocking the wind; this is a standard feature on the Atom 3 and 3S that allows for spirited driving without a blast of air directly on your face.  The open sides, in addition to air coming through the foot well give just enough airflow to keep the visceral driving experience alive. 

Is there room for 2?  Yes, absolutely room for a full size adult passenger/co-pilot/significant other.  A standard footrest makes for a comfortable place for the passengers feet to rest.  Now – as we all know the passenger is generally given the rights to operate the radio for any road trip…..however, in this case the passenger will have to give way to the driver controlling the sound track with the throttle pedal!  The High rev-ing Honda engine is certainly top 40 worthy!

Have any part of the Atom you want to see in more detail?  Let me know….happy to show all areas.

Mark Swain - mswain@tmiautotech.com

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