Charlotte, NC Cars & Coffee

Last weekend I made the long trek south to Charlotte, NC, for some early morning cars and coffee.  The turnout was great – there had to be over 400 cars in attendance.  Even without our demo Atom 3 in tow, interest in the Atom was strong, and multiple people stopped me to ask when we would have one to bring.  I am happy to report that we are close – track testing was completed late this week!  We look forward to returning to Charlotte with the Atom in the upcoming months. 

La Ferrari in the Paddock at VIR.

Spring is finally arriving and VIR is waking up!  This week the Ferrari Club of America held a couple of track days for its members, and despite the threat of rain more than 40 people made it out to tear up the asphalt.  Even in the presence of classics such as the Ferrari 288 GTO and 330 GT, modern supercars such as the Ferrari 458 and F12, and the king of the Ferraris, LaFerrari, the Atom looked at home, like it wanted to play, like it wanted to win.  After the first day we invited members of the club to an open house at the TMI AutoTech manufacturing facility to learn more about the Atom and our process.  The turnout was great and we all had a wonderful time talking about the Atom, the track, and the cars they brought to thrash.  We look forward to more collaboration between TMI AutoTech and the Ferrari Club of America in the future!

The Special Edition Atom on display in front of the TMI Racing Store.

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up we are getting out more with the Atom.  We are always looking for new ideas, venues, and opportunities to show the Atom.  Where would you like to see us?  Call me today and let me know where you think we should be this season, I would love to hear from you!