Driving into the office today I realized something....actually I realized this a long time ago.....that running a business that involves something that you really have passion for takes all your waking thoughts: this is a good thing because you stop thinking about the days of the week....and you think about the projects in the shop and planning ahead for new projects. Some may disagree.....but days off are non-existent because your mind is always thinking about what is next. The adrenaline from this is intoxicating.

With the above said.....Friday is always a time of the week that should be treasured by racers, track day, and car enthusiasts alike. Here are some of my Friday highlights I like to think about:

  • Loading the trailer to head off to the track! The excitement of rushing home and loading the car, packing your driving gear, and tools. Any weekend at the track is always good!
  • Cleaning the car the night before a "Cars and Coffee" event early on Saturday morning. Nothing beats starting up your toy in the garage and slowly rolling out of your driveway long before the neighborhood wakes up.
  • The sight of boxes left by the courier that include brand new performance parts that you are going to spend all weekend installing. Nothing beats having packing peanuts flying everywhere as you reach for those shiny new parts.

We are very excited that many new clients will have the chance to tackle some weekend adventures this year with their new Ariel Atoms. Call us at any time if you want to talk through what an Atom could be like in your garage.

Have a great weekend!