Barrett-Jackson – Now there is a name everyone that is a car enthusiast knows.

Personally I’ve watched countless auctions on television and have always been mesmerized at the beauty of some of the cars that roll across the auction block. I think part of the what always compelled me to watch the auctions was that no matter what type of cars you are into, there is something for every genre at Barrett-Jackson. You can see sports cars, classics, luxury vehicles, concepts, one of kinds, custom builds, and oddities all in one spot. It is the showcase of all things automotive and brings in some of the most immaculate vehicles in the world. The next auction takes place in Scottsdale, Arizona January 10-18, 2015 and I can say that we are excited to be a part of it!

TMI AutoTech will have a booth set up in conjunction with Forman Motorworks showcasing the Ariel Atom. The display is being set up as I type this and I will be heading out Wednesday along with David, our vehicle sales representative. There will be an Atom 3 on display as well as an exhibition for showing off the engine and turbo set up for the New 365bhp Atom 3S. INDE Motorsports Ranch will also have a SPEC:RACEATOM set up in their section in the outdoor area. It should be an exciting event with a lot of people in attendance and I look forward to introducing many people to the Atom. So if you’re heading to Scottsdale next week, come by booth 26 and check us out!