The Atom 3.5R is the latest European variant of the popular Ariel Atom platform….and a very capable one at that. It was great to see a recent report by EVO magazine including this model in their Car of the Year awards. It makes me happy to watch the video footage of this car ripping it up around the track.

For those of you from North America reading this you have some good news ahead as TMI AutoTech moves closer to the delivery of the Atom 3S; this is a 365hp turbo charged variant on the Atom 3. Our testing of the prototype last fall showed the extreme performance potential of this vehicle. Orders for the Atom 3S began last October and we very much look forward to seeing the first production Atom 3S vehicles head out the door to clients.

If you missed the initial announcement of the Atom 3S you can find it here. And if you want to revisit a quick lap around VIR you can check out this Atom 3S lap here. We can’t wait to get more video, with better soundJ, very soon…..but that will not happen today at it is 28 degrees here in Virginia! Warmer days are ahead!

I will close this week by thanking Automotive International, as well as the Charlotte Area Ferrari Enthusiasts club, for their hospitality last Saturday evening to showcase the Atom. We look forward to attending more Charlotte area events in the future!