No one ever said starting a company to manufacture an awesome sportscar would be easy.....but looking back on the week we just had there was an item out of our control that caused some planning issues – Weather!

High winds last Saturday resulted in a power outage to our shop that lasted until mid-day on Monday! Certainly not what we had planned in our production schedule for the week...but we got through it with a great group of employees working hard to ensure our goals were still met

The next challenge was that Monday evening saw a small amount of snow fall.....which quickly turned to ice on the roads.

Secondary roads where many employees well as many roads leading to our shop are not the first to see any form of snow removal. This makes for many slippery roads! Once again.....not how we had assumed many employees would be spending their Tuesday. But – we pushed through with a lighter staff load....and came back to full speed on Wednesday.

With the weather behind us now – except for some fairly cold temperatures – we are rolling along making some really nice Atoms.

If you are looking for something to do this weekend and happen to be in the Charlotte area check out the MSX – North American Motorsport Expo at the Charlotte convention center. We were pleased to be asked to display the championship winning Spec Race Atom car of Craig Reynolds at the event. Check out more information on the show here

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