For Immediate Release - October 8th, 2015

Northeast Ariel Atom dealer Ace Performance has partnered with Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park to announce the establishment of an additional SRA Series.  The first green flag is expected to drop in June of 2016 at TSMP for the fast, highly reliable & cost-effective Spec:RaceAtom cars, as exclusively manufactured by in Halifax County, VA by TMI AutoTech.  Building upon the incredible international success of the unique exoskeleton Ariel Atom a ultra-performance road & track-day car, TMI set about also creating & producing a pure competition version of the Atom in 2011.  The result has provided each SRA owner with a safe, durable and highly cost effective spec race/track day cars over the past 5 years.  Over 80 SRA cars have been produced & sold in the USA to date.

Under the partnership Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park will organize, operate & officiate the race events for the new series. “The Spec:RaceAtom cars have already proven to be an excellent fit for our challenging track” states Josh Vanada – General Manager of Thompson “We are very excited to provide additional expansion to Spec:RaceAtom racing and look forward to hosting this new Summer Series”.

Ace Performance will be the primary designated sales outlet for the TSMP SRA cars, parts, and trackside support for new owners joining in on the competitive race action.  “Facilitating a local race series has always been a goal for Ace Performance since we became a dealer for the Ariel Atom in 2014”enthused Baer Connard – Owner of Ace. “We put our SRA demo car through some rigorous testing this season and we are thrilled to share the SRA’s speed, agility and reliability with new racers in 2016”

Manufacturer support will be provided by TMI AutoTech. “The SRA cars have been raced at many tracks since 2011 and we can’t wait to expand into the Northeast with this well proven & established formula” States Mark Swain – VP Sales/Marketing TMI AutoTech. “Regional series for SRA cars provide the type of local accessibility that’s well suited to the busy lives of our typical amateur SRA owner/racers”

Order your Spec:RaceAtom before November 15th and receive:

-          $53,750 Race-Ready Spec:RaceAtom racecar

-          Guaranteed Spring Delivery!

-          Avoid any 2016 price increases

-          Receive 20% discount on spare wheels

-          Competition Number Selection (First come basis)

-          Complimentary Track day upon delivery at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

-          Complimentary One-day Trackside support/training session from Ace Performance

Why race a Spec:RaceAtom?

-          Cost effective operation

-          Lightweight nature of vehicle is easy on components such as brakes & tires

-          Proven reliability

-          Quick – proven quick lap times at various tracks across North America

-          Adjustability – change suspension settings easily for various tracks or driver preference

-          Ease of use – well suited to novice or experienced drivers


Ace Performance – Baer Connard baer@aceperformancesystems.com 978.710.3116

TMI AutoTech – Mark Swain mswain@tmiautotech.com 434.822.9130

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