Sandblast Rally Action with the Ariel Nomad

Over the weekend we checked out some local rally action, presented by NASA Rally Sport, with the Ariel Nomad. The Sandblast is a two day event that takes over Sand Hills State Forest in South Carolina and the low 20 degree, two+ hour morning ride couldn't hold us back from attending the event. The Ariel Nomad was a huge hit with competitors and spectators alike. We had a blast driving around to different stages catching the action, maybe we'll try for an official entry next year...  



New Ariel Dealer for Florida!

We understand that the Ariel Atom and Ariel Nomad are most enjoyed during warm sunny days (although we do have some hardcore owners who brave the cold, rain, and even snow).  We have had our eye on Florida and were actively looking for the right partner for Ariel Sales and Service. After a lengthy vetting process, to ensure the upmost in customer service, we officially partnered with Two Wheels World (TWW) in Pompano Beach, Florida. TWW has an extensive history and presence in the South Florida market as an official Ducati and Triumph motorcycle dealer. The similarities of the the Ariel line and Motorcycling are undeniable (acceleration, speed, braking, cornering, and open motoring).  Two Wheels World's experience in the motorcycle market, along with a pairing of great management team set the course for having TWW as the Factory Authorized Ariel Sales and Service point for the state. 

We spent a weekend with Two Wheels World and attended private showings, meet and greets, and car shows. Check out the pictures below for a quick look into what Florida, the Ariel Atom, and Ariel Nomad will have to offer.

For Florida Ariel Sales and Service, contact:

Two Wheels World - 840 S Andrews Ave, Pompano Beach, FL 33069 -





2017 Ariel Atom 3R 2.0 Released

Don't settle for the normal.....stand our from the crowd with this unique limited edition Ariel Atom 3R 2.0.

The sound of this car will be unmistakable as we bring the 2.0L supercharged Honda drivetrain back for this edition.  10 units only will receive this highly-acclaimed engine package that has not been utilized in an Ariel Atom since 2012.

For full details please click here



TMI AutoTech officially cuts the Ribbon on New Facilty

June 16, 2016 - TMI AutoTech was pleased to officially open cut the ribbon on our new manufacturing facility in Halifax County, Virginia.  The event was attended by many local and state officials with both Sen. Frank Ruff and Secretary Maurice Jones speaking during the ceremony. 

The new facility will allow for continued growth in all areas of business with in-house capability for machining, tube fabrication, welding, assembly, painting, composites manufacturing.  a brand new showroom also awaits clients as they come to view their new vehicles.



Huge Savings on New Ariel Atom Orders!

TMI AutoTech is offering a credit up to $5000* towards any option added to new Ariel Atom 3 & Atom 3S orders.  Take this opportunity to personalize your colors, enhance your driving experience, or accessorize your new Ariel Atom.  Start the year off right!  This offer only lasts until February 1st, 2016.

- Can be used on all current Atom options for the Ariel Atom 3 or Ariel Atom 3S.

- *$5000 credit on Atom 3S.  $3000 credit on Atom 3.

- No cash value.

- Offer valid between Jan. 15th and Feb. 1st, 2016.



Roadsport Ariel announced as Canadian Dealer

For Immediate Release                                                                                                                November 12, 2015

Roadsport Ariel named Canadian dealer for Ariel Atom

TMI AutoTech, Inc. is very pleased to announce Roadsport Ariel as the most recent addition to their select group of dealers for the Ariel Atom supercar.  Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada Roadsport Ariel will be well situated for track day enthusiasts and racers throughout the country.

Roadsport Ariel will focus on the sales and marketing of the Ariel Atom 3, Ariel Atom 3S, and most notably the Spec:RaceAtom racecar through a variety of track events, in addition to working with sanctioning bodies to develop a racing series for the Spec:RaceAtom vehicles.

“Roadsport brings an extensive background of automotive sales and service knowledge to the growing Atom community” explains Mark Swain of TMI AutoTech, “The Roadsport Group has been very involved with the Honda brand throughout Canada for years and we are extremely pleased to work with them on the Ariel lineup.”

About Roadsport Ariel

Roadsport is a family owned dealership group selling Honda, Chrysler, and now Ariel vehicles in addition to providing parts and service for a variety of brands.  With a goal to create an ongoing relationship with their customers by providing a superior product, with dedicated, well trained team members making each experience at Roadsport rewarding and unforgettable.

The Ariel lineup fits very well in to the Roadsport culture as they have a passion for all things related to the automotive industry.  The Atom will provide Roadsport the opportunity to expand into the growing motorsport market in Canada.  

About TMI AutoTech, Inc.

TMI AutoTech, Inc. is an established, owner-managed and operated Virginia corporation, located within the industrial business complex at Virginia International Raceway. With a focus on manufacturing, and a passion for motorsports, TMI is well equipped as both a specialty motorsport component manufacturer and complete vehicle manufacturer. Founded in 2008 by David Goadby, Brent Gates, and Mark Swain to build the Ariel Atom supercar the company has continued to expand with a mandate to build quality products. TMI's 20,000 Sq.ft facility houses fabrication, machining, service, and assembly areas.

For Further information contact:

TMI AutoTech, Inc                                                                                               Roadsport Ariel

Mark Swain                                                                                                           Chris Gauthier

434.822.9130 x323                                                                                             647.457.9502                                                      



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Brand New Spec:RaceAtom Series in North East!!


For Immediate Release - October 8th, 2015

Northeast Ariel Atom dealer Ace Performance has partnered with Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park to announce the establishment of an additional SRA Series.  The first green flag is expected to drop in June of 2016 at TSMP for the fast, highly reliable & cost-effective Spec:RaceAtom cars, as exclusively manufactured by in Halifax County, VA by TMI AutoTech.  Building upon the incredible international success of the unique exoskeleton Ariel Atom a ultra-performance road & track-day car, TMI set about also creating & producing a pure competition version of the Atom in 2011.  The result has provided each SRA owner with a safe, durable and highly cost effective spec race/track day cars over the past 5 years.  Over 80 SRA cars have been produced & sold in the USA to date.

Under the partnership Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park will organize, operate & officiate the race events for the new series. “The Spec:RaceAtom cars have already proven to be an excellent fit for our challenging track” states Josh Vanada – General Manager of Thompson “We are very excited to provide additional expansion to Spec:RaceAtom racing and look forward to hosting this new Summer Series”.

Ace Performance will be the primary designated sales outlet for the TSMP SRA cars, parts, and trackside support for new owners joining in on the competitive race action.  “Facilitating a local race series has always been a goal for Ace Performance since we became a dealer for the Ariel Atom in 2014”enthused Baer Connard – Owner of Ace. “We put our SRA demo car through some rigorous testing this season and we are thrilled to share the SRA’s speed, agility and reliability with new racers in 2016”

Manufacturer support will be provided by TMI AutoTech. “The SRA cars have been raced at many tracks since 2011 and we can’t wait to expand into the Northeast with this well proven & established formula” States Mark Swain – VP Sales/Marketing TMI AutoTech. “Regional series for SRA cars provide the type of local accessibility that’s well suited to the busy lives of our typical amateur SRA owner/racers”

Order your Spec:RaceAtom before November 15th and receive:

-          $53,750 Race-Ready Spec:RaceAtom racecar

-          Guaranteed Spring Delivery!

-          Avoid any 2016 price increases

-          Receive 20% discount on spare wheels

-          Competition Number Selection (First come basis)

-          Complimentary Track day upon delivery at Thompson Speedway Motorsports Park

-          Complimentary One-day Trackside support/training session from Ace Performance

Why race a Spec:RaceAtom?

-          Cost effective operation

-          Lightweight nature of vehicle is easy on components such as brakes & tires

-          Proven reliability

-          Quick – proven quick lap times at various tracks across North America

-          Adjustability – change suspension settings easily for various tracks or driver preference

-          Ease of use – well suited to novice or experienced drivers


Ace Performance – Baer Connard 978.710.3116

TMI AutoTech – Mark Swain 434.822.9130

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We drove an Atom 3S......a long ways!

BY: Jesse Kenealy

We headed to Monterey Car Week - and it was an awesome experience! We took this as an opportunity to put as many miles on one of our new 3S’s as we could (it’s a tough job, but, someone has to do it…). To do this, we shipped a Demo unit to Sector 111 (our California Dealer) which is located in Sothern California. Mark and I attended an evening “Meet and Greet” with several other West Coast Atom owners and our journey was slated to begin the next morning.

At 9 a.m. sharp, I jumped at the opportunity of driving the car and headed for the hills… As many of you know, California is notorious for its canyon roads and I can now state that the 3S is made for these roads. Every turn you can think of was found while tearing through the mountains of California. Decreasing radius, sweepers, double/late/early apex’s, and anything else that was thrown at the 3S was taken with ease thanks to the engineering and testing that went into the suspension/brake package that is now standard for the 3S model. The power comes on smooth throughout the rpm range thanks to a year of development.

It truly is amazing how capable the Atom is on the street, but, the street is a double edge sword. If California is known for its canyon roads, Los Angeles is known for its traffic, and even the fastest cars have to stop for it… I was hoping that the ride to Monterey would be a vacation on wheels but work has a tendency to interfere with the luxury lifestyle... Where TMI is located (Sothern Virginia), we don’t have rush hours, we have rush minutes, traffic is one of the last things to expect during a commute. We knew we had to test the 3S’s capabilities of handling all road situations, including the grueling thing called traffic. Sitting in traffic, especially in the California heat, can be the hardest job for any vehicle, let alone a high performance exotic. There is no wind to cool the car’s radiators, oil temps will rise, and the car is idling for long periods off time. The 3S’s extra horse power would all but add to the problem if it wasn’t for the additional radiator and air-to-water intercooler that are housed in the twin side pods.


We eventually made it out of LA and after a quick stop at an In-N-Out burger, it was time to hit the highway to start putting some real miles on the 3S and get to Monterey ASAP. Thanks to the windscreen and side panels, that are also standard on the 3S, highway speed comfortable (think of it as riding in a convertible car, just don’t forget the sunscreen).  We hit some major landmarks on the way up including the famous intersection that took James Dean from us.


The road signs and environment indicated that our destination was getting nearer as the air turned from a dry heat to a cooler breeze. We also knew that we were close after the cars passing by slowly turned from Hondas and Toyotas to Ferraris and Bentleys. At 7:00 P.M. we had arrived at our destination, Monterey, California! The sun was setting as we unpacked our luggage from the chase vehicle. It was only then that the realization hit me that I had just driven 10 hours, in one of the fastest road cars on the planet, and I wasn’t even sore! Don’t get me wrong, a 10 hour trip in any car is exhausting, but I was expecting much worse. The new custom fit upholstery that is being offered for the first time this year really helps with any extended road time.

The days following our arrival were filled with reporters, test drives, car spotting, concourses, and race tracks. You couldn’t drive down the road without pedestrians stopping in their tracks to take a picture of the iconic Ariel Atom. But, all good things must come to an end, and it was eventually time to make the trip back to Southern California. I again jumped at the opportunity to drive and can now say that I hold the record for most time spent in an Ariel Atom 3S in one week. 20+ hours spent in a well-engineered machine is enough to determine its highs and lows, there are some items that we notated that we will take back to the drawing board to help in the never ending mission to improve the car, but, I wouldn’t have wanted to do the trip in any other car. I am looking forward to next year as we’re already discussing our epic return and how to make the trip longer, dare I say, cross country… 



Head West Young Man…….

As many of you may have read we are excited to get an Atom 3S headed to the festivities that will be Monterey Car Week.  I have never been to the event so I am looking forward to it to show people the Atom…..but also can’t wait to see all of the other amazing vehicles. 

To get into the mindset of the event I took the Atom 3S demo car for a 250 mile drive last Sunday morning through some great backroads, then for brunch in Raleigh, NC - then more miles of driving.  The Atom 3S is very smooth to drive and I just did not want to stop!

So who is headed to Monterey as well?? Drop me an email if you want to see the 3S in person.

The schedule will likely be pretty fluid throughout the week – but some events are in place.  We are going to start the week in Temecula, CA at Sector 111; they will be hosting a meet and greet on the evening of Tuesday August 11th.  There will be 2 Atom 3S cars at the event – both extremely attractive cars!  If you would like to join – drop me an email as well.

After this we will be headed off for some epic driving roads on the way to Monterey.  Sector 111 will be along for the ride – or more likely guide – as we navigate the roadways. 

Saturday will see us at the Concorso Italiano.  Should be a great day to show the Atom around….as well as take all of the other beautiful automotive scenery.

Keep an eye on our Instagram feed @tmi_autotech or /thearielatom on Facebook for some daily updates during the week.

Like I said…..being a car person I can’t wait!

Oh….and just to finish off the blog with a really cool picture – here are 4 Atom 3S cars that shipped to new owners this week!  Can’t wait to hear from the owners after the go on their first drives. 


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Atom 3S Demo set to take to the streets…..

This week we got to experience a small part of what it is like for a customer to take delivery of an Atom as we completed our own Atom 3S demo car. Sure, we build them every day and see them come and go – but this one is special because it is staying….at least for a little while. 

We will be using this Atom 3S to take to shows and events abroad so that potential clients and enthusiasts alike can see what all the excitement is truly about. The Atom is already tagged and has its first trip booked to California for Monterey Car Week next month to tour the West Coast. Stop and say hello or come check the Atom out in person if we see you on the streets and at events along the way!

Also, with the addition of this Atom 3S demo to the fleet - that means we have our Atom 3 demo up for sale….nicely optioned with less than 200 miles. A basically new car with a special price. Call us for details at 434-822-9130.

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